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Degree in Education

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

The UNIFF is here to form minds. New teachers encourage students in other ways. And it is important to arouse curiosity.

Literature, English and Portuguese, English and Spanish, English and Italian, English and Libras, Geography, Sociology, History, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Philosophy, Theology, Anthropology, Psychology, Social Sciences, Pedagogy, Physics, Arts, Music, and Education Physics.

The courses offer the pedagogical subjects so that the student acquires knowledge related to the teaching practice.

The Special Teacher Training Program has a qualified team of teachers who are responsible for the production of the didactic material, the organization of the course contents, as well as the monitoring of the students' learning process and the orientation of the academic work.

Course Length

The courses last up to 18 months and can be completed within 6 months. In the first six months, the subjects that make up the curricular structure are worked according to the current resolution. In the other 6 months there are internship guidelines in the area of the degree that the student intends to qualify for. The student who completes the 6 months internship during the first 6 months of class will complete the course in 6 months.

Curriculum Structure: The course offers the pedagogical subjects for the student to acquire knowledge related to teaching practice.

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